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Passion for Vengeance

It was eight p.m. and claris did not feel too good, ‘it is finally over’ her sister came along and took her for the new book club she was to join. The book club was formed by people from around their estate, the book lovers who could not bear to not discuss the books theyContinue reading “Passion for Vengeance”

The prudent son!

what is it that when you are so close,everything goes up in flames?What is it that when she is about to say yes,a fly settles on her right cheek?What is it when you have everything you always wanted,she leaves you for the slightest reason?What is it that when you are on the eve of theContinue reading “The prudent son!”


It was dark and cold when the doctor came up to me. I had been pacing up and down the hallways of Kenyatta Hospital. I stopped looked at the mid-wife.” Startled I struggled for breath. “Thank God! How is she?” she looked at me and told me that I could see pauline. Taking slow butContinue reading “SWEET ROY”

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